Masterclass: Location, location why it's always the Location with Fiona Farrell

This is a 30 minute guest lecture with Fiona Farrell - Location, location, why it's always the location.

Fiona explains how the settings for stories contribute to the impact of a story and gives examples from her own books, like The Skinny Louie Book, The Hopeful Traveller, Mr Albone's Ferrets and others.

This is Part II of the educational sessions that were recorded at The Great Write Inn, a writer's festival held in Dunedin, New Zealand on 16 of October 2021. This lecture is best watched on a large screen, with time for you to focus on giving reading the passages as suggested by Fiona.

This session is best watched after the sessions (I) Character; but before the session on Object.

Click here to view Fiona's Masterclass lesson or copy and paste this URL:

During the video, Fiona refers to a number of passages from her books. Relevant pages are also included in your Great Write Inn HandBook, but for convenience, copies are also provided below.

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