Meet our Great Write Inn community and find out ways to stay in touch

We are a community of writers

We are Tutors, Students and guest writers with a shared passion for story telling from a wide range of genres. We'd love to get to know you.

Here's a few photos of our Tutoring Team, and writers who have enjoyed The Great Write Inn:

Top Left: Great Write Inn Tutors on the steps of Olveston Historic Home, Dunedin;

Top Right: PublishMe Tutors in The Lantern Room and

Bottom: Writers (students) with Tutors Diane Brown and Julia Anne

You are welcome to Post a comment

As you are going through the modules - feel free to post a comment. Or head back to your favourite parts of the course and make questions and comments. We (the tutors) get an alert and can respond.

These also get read by other students, who may have also wanted to ask a question.

This is one way to engage with your writer's community, that is private only to students and Tutors. [whereas the Facebook group is more open and may have writers who have been to one of our live events).

Comment boxes appear at the end of each lecture and look like this:

Let's keep in touch

There are a few different ways we use to keep in touch and interact with each other:

Newsletters: we aim for a newsletter every second month (six per year). If you have enrolled in this course we have automatically transferred you to the Newsletter database. Filled with tips, competitions and new content we keep you up to date.

Facebook Group: We have a facebook group called Great Write Inn. It looks like this. Click on the image or this link to go over to the group. Please join if you are on Facebook (we know not everyone is, so no problem).

After joining, say hi - introduce yourself: something like "Hi, I'm Julia, I mostly write creative non-fiction and I'm using the programme to publish 'Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur.'

Wee Write Inns: We have live/hybrid events with special guest speakers and an opportunity for sharing work, writing challenges, competition and helpful information. We aim to have these every second month. Julia (Principal will be starting to travel around New Zealand).

Image: From Left to Right: Some of the participants in our Wee Write Inn zooming in; special guest Tutor Eleanor Girvan teaching Book Cover Design and Kirstie McKinnon (writer) sharing her story from the live event in Dunedin.

The Great Write Away: NEW! We have just confirmed the Great Write Away - a new Annual Writer's Retreat in Rotorua 5 - 11 of September 2022.

We have an exciting new line up of Tutors plus some of our favourite Tutors from the Great Write Inn.

We are currently finalising the programme. We are keeping all the details up to date here:

Please introduce yourself

Start by introducing yourself using the comments box below or head over to our Facebook Great Write Inn page and say hello.

Meet some of our writers

Carry on through this section to e-meet a few of our writers:

  • Winifred with her story: Rites of Passage
  • Gracie with her story: If I'm May
  • Natasha with her poem: The Greatest Treasure
  • Kirstie with her story: Deliveries

I'm here for you...

I hope you find this writer's community supportive and welcoming.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need something. No question to big or too small.

Julia Anne

021 511 606

[email protected]

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