NEW! The Great Write Away: 5 - 11 September 2022, Rotorua

We are thrilled to announce The Great Write Away - a new Writer's Retreat in Rotorua, 5 - 11 of September 2022.

We are putting together a Seven Day Programme covering all Seven Steps of the Great Write Inn and PublishMe.

Together with local writers group, venues and attractions - the programme is being developed and will made available on the information page.

All updates, information, including ticketing information, can be found here:

A special and warm welcome to our Great Write Inn students

Even if you have completed the Great Write Inn (this course), there will be lots of new, local content for writers who want to get to know their community and find their tribe.

The Who, Where, Why and How lessons work over and over, with every new story idea.

Post a comment if you are interested in coming or want more details

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