Looking After Me as a writer: Mind-Body-Soul with Dr Julia Anne

Introducing Julia Anne

Hello dear writers,

I'm Julia and I was born to write and tell stories.

It took me a long time to realise it - and then work how to express myself with authenticity.

I searched for a Toolkit that could help take an elephant of an idea, into a small but perfectly formed story.

But I couldn't find one that suited a writer who wanted to learn the basics quite quick and then write a really good story.

That's why I set about creating a new kind of learning journey writers could enjoy from home or at live events.

I hope you are enjoying your learning at the Great Write Inn school - we had great fun creating it for you!

We're a team of tutors

These experiences for writers were crafted by writers for writers, overseen by me and the creative team, at our Parent company - Look After Me Ltd.

If you have got this far, you have already met some of our Tutoring team - Amy, Fiona, Catherine and Diane teaching their specialist areas.

Most of their teachings have been about the craft of writing.

Now it's my turn. Learning the craft of being a writer.

Looking after Mind - Body and Soul

I teach wholistic care of writers - being aware of ourselves as a Mind-Body-Soul entity.

I've been practicing mindfulness techniques for over 25 years. In this session I share simple, practical and helpful tips to create the right mindset for being a successful and productive writer.

Writers can use these quick, supportive and helpful techniques to become the best versions of ourselves - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

If we can work from the inside out, it becomes easier to understand ourselves and what it is we are here to write.

This nourishing session is for writer's who may have lost their mojo, looking to ignite their creative spark or just because you give yourself permission to look after "me".

What is stopping you from becoming your best self as a writer?

In this Masterclass we learn how to gently unravel or clear away any blocks that might be holding you back.

What has this belief/block or negative thought cost you?

Give yourself the time and permission to release any negative beliefs and get to know yourself better.

It's surprising how quick and easy this is.

Who do you want to be as a writer?

All writers are called to write a story. Your job is to find out what you want to say, and who you want to say it to.

After clearing away any negative beliefs that do not serve you anymore we ponder who as a writer, do you want to become?

In order to make progress, get satisfaction and joy from your writing - you must first look inwards to get insight into how you are going to build a bridge to your dreams and aspirations.

Writers tell the world something it needs to hear.

You have a responsibility to share your voice with the world.

Stop doubting, start writing.

Keep working on you - this video shows you how.

Please - try this at home

This Looking After Me session is best watched by yourself when you have a "look after me" kind of moment.

You'll need:

- About an hour to yourself

- A quiet, comfortable place to learn, think and process

- A pen and paper so you can benefit from the exercises

-Some nice background music if you wish.

Special thanks to our Dunedin crew

This session was filmed as a free, live community event in Dunedin - New Zealand's only City of Literature.

It was sponsored by Look After Me (an Events and Accommodation Network) and was part of The Great Write Inn Writer's Festival in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Looking after me as a writer

Please watch this session by clicking this link, or the image.

Or copy and paste this link into your browser: https://youtu.be/raI3n98MhXQ

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